Looking for the right crew to tackle your next exterior project? We’ve got some advice: Go with the good guys.


Our Mission

Boulder Creek Exteriors was established in 2010 by owners Todd Trumm and Grant Tschetter with a mission for providing quality craftsmanship and top-of-the-line exterior remodeling solutions to clients across the region. Both partners had extensive backgrounds in construction and general contracting, but they quickly found a niche as one of the area’s only certified metal roofing installation companies. Clients rave about the beauty and performance of metal shingles. Hundreds of customer referrals are a testament to Boulder Creek’s solid, trustworthy reputation.

Meet Todd Trumm

Todd has a BS degree from SDSU and has been in the home improvement field since 1997. He was one of the first to introduce metal shingles in our area, and has been through extensive training on numerous exterior products such as windows, siding and roofing. His craftsmanship, experience and true enjoyment of the building and remodeling process will make your partnership with Boulder Creek Custom Homes an enjoyable one.

I love to work with people but Grant is the guy who checks on every job, every day, and really works hard to make sure our projects are rolling on time and on budget. He knows how to make things right and is great at what he does.
— Todd Trumm


Grant has over 15 years of designing, remodeling and general contracting experience ranging from projects as large as $3 million to the most basic construction. Prior to that, he spent 10 years in the banking industry. His financial insight and passion for building allow Grant to provide clients with an extremely rewarding process.

I kind of work behind the scenes keeping the jobs going but Todd is the guy out there working with our clients. He is super great with people and our clients just love him. He’s the reason we get so many referrals and come so highly recommended.
— Grant Tschetter